Wiener lab. CM 200

Wiener lab. CM200 is a last generation random access clinical analyzer, which works with a software fully designed for Windows XP®.


· Capacitive liquid level sensor
· Internal & external washing system for the dispenser
· Dilutor with valve

· 48 available positions for reagents
· Continuous checking of reagent volume
· Programmable reagent volume
· Typical reagent volume: 180 ul

· 48 available positions for samples
· Possibility to use primary tubes or cups
· Continuous loading

Incubation & Reading:
· 80 cuvettes
· Incubation with preheated air
· Double-beam photometer

Operator interface:
· Intuitive software based on Windows XP®
· Graphic representation of reagents tray, samples tray, and reaction tray
· Unlimited storage capacity for methods and samples
· Automatic backup for all data

Quality control:
· Levey Jennings Graphs
· Westgard rules
· Daily or cumulative statistics
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